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What’s Functional Medicine! Functional Medicine model is an individualized, patient centered, science based approach that empowers patient and practitioner to work together to address underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness. In Functional Medicine we believe that symptoms are not the problem but the result of the problem. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition is an Opt-...
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LIVE  BLOOD  NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS Would you like to see your current Nutritional Status? Contact us at by email or phone! You will be able to see the effects  on your cells and discover how the choices you make every day affect your overall health and well being. A live blood analysis is a window into...
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Why invest in our top grade Supplements and Vitamins? Your health is the best investment you can make and the greatest asset you can enjoy. Life is God’s greatest gift, but a life-long good health is an individual responsibility. Nutrition may be defined as the science of nourishing the body properly providing adequately for cellular...
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About Us

Harvestin’ Natural is your one stop Natural health center, offering nutrition consultation, health classes and top grade nutritional supplements and remedies.