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Dr. Elizabeth Fondong CNM, PhD, CFMP

Natural Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Elizabeth Fondong is a medical doctor with a PhD in Natural Medicine from Kingdom College of Natural Health. She studied Internal Medicine and earned a medical degree from Makerere University School of Medicine, a premier medical institution in Africa. Dr. Fondong earned a certificate in Functional Medicine from South Carolina University of Health Sciences.

She is the founder and manager of Hope Natural Medicine and Wellness Center in Westminster, Maryland. In addition, she is an ordained Christian counselor and a strong proponent of natural medicine and holistic living. She is the Founder and President of Arise and Shine, an organization created to maximize potential in women and promote community development through corporate outreach.

Dr. Fondong has devoted her professional life to helping people find safe and effective natural therapies for a variety of ailments. Her vast experience in conventional, natural, and functional medicine places her in a unique position to target the source of a problem and identify natural remedies for physical and mental affliction